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8 brilliant benefits to having a more balanced pelvis

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1. Starting with the most obvious: Getting your pelvis more balanced can help relieve pelvic floor issues like urge & stress incontinence or prolapse. Perhaps that’s why you came to read this in the first place? Rather than just looking at working out the pelvic floor muscles approaching it more holistically can bring benefits to this area and more - check it out!


2. Lower back pain, your lower back is closely connected to your pelvis if you think about the spine interacting down into a secret and if you have had habitual tilting in one direction or another it’s likely to impact sensations in your back.


3. Knee pain - thinking about things in the other direction if you’re tending to hold more attention on one side than the other or again tilting your pelvis habitually in a particular direction that is likely to affect the mechanics in your knees if your weight is further towards toes or heels that can also play a part in it so once we start looking at your whole body alignment the things that help your pelvic floor quite often help other parts of your body.


4. Foot pain - it might seem like a stretch but if you’ve got sore feet the same things that can help your pelvic floor balance could be connected bear with me. As I mentioned with your knees once you start looking at that the way the foot of the knee and the pelvis are aligned along with the weight distribution further up to so looking at the whole body often sorting out that relationship from the ground up can offer a range of benefits. If you want to have a little play with this I’ll show you an exercise - check out my IGTV, there will be some cool foot stuff happening over there during Foot Week (beginning 8th March 2021).


5. If you’re pregnant you may well find that you have an easier birth because working with your pelvis can help release the muscles around about it like the psoas, which runs deep from your spine down into your pelvis and works as a sort of path which baby travels down as they come through into the birth canal. That’s a pretty massive bonus.


6. I look at your whole body including the connection between the breath and your pelvis so your pelvic floor works in relationship with your diaphragm helping sort out your breathing mechanics cannot only help your pelvic floor but also improve your stress levels. More functional breathing is proven to lower blood pressure and help with core strength.


7. Get rid of that pain in your neck. Your head is pretty heavy - almost 10% of your body weight is up there. When you’re approaching issues in a whole-body whole life way I’ll help you to distribute weight more evenly which could ease headaches your pain and that pain in your neck.


8. Moving more mindfully in daily life and with a focus on more functional movement will help you at any stage. As well as looking at functional movement patterns and specifics for your pelvic floor the importance of being able to relax in your body if you’re experiencing discomfort and pain is vital pelvic floor issues impact us emotionally as well as physically there having some space to explore that, as well as more tools for mindfulness and embodiment, can benefit all kinds of areas of your life.


I love to help you to move more freely to laugh and play without worries about weeks to get more of your life back especially as we had out of this crappy old. Lockdown to feel as comfortable in your body as you can and confident in your own ability to know and trust yourself and to gradually strengthen and improve your movement. The more we understand about our bodies easier it is to make sense of some of the exercises that we may be doing in classes my focus is very much implementing that into everyday life with practical suggestions tips and tools.

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Courses and private classes for a happier pelvis and beyond. Head over to this page to find out more about working with me in this holistic way.