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Brighton Birth Connections

Doulas, classes and fab practitioners! There's a wealth of knowledge and experience here by the sea...
Useful local sites
Brighton Maternity Services Liason Committee is an NHS funded committee dedicated to bringing new parents and parents-to-be, access to Brighton and Hove’s maternity services, offering support and help in answering maternity and postnatal questions and ensuring service users get the best from local maternity and postnatal services.
Pregnant in Brighton is a great place to find information on classes and services for pregnancy and mums and babies in Brighton and Hove.
Brighton Mums - another great site with tons of info, listing and blogs to help you find great stuff locally.
Birth Doulas
Liz Hougham is a birth doula based in Brighton with 8 years experience. She also teaches NCT classes.
Clare Maddalena (classes listed below) is also a doula.
Sally Cropper is a birth & postnatal doula  and placenta encapsulation specialist in East & West Sussex.
Lauren Daly is a Nurturing Birth doula based in Crawley.
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I went to Clare Maddalena's lovely classes when I was pregnant - she now runs LushTums.
Lucy runs great baby massage classes in central Brighton, again there sessions I went to myself when G was tiny, so I can heartily recommend Lucy's Angels.
Leonie from Centred Space runs UMEMamas online support and real life meet ups. Find out more here.
Self hypnosis techniques for birth can be really helpful, there are lots of options out there - here are a few local teachers you can speak to and see what fits best for you.
Alternative Therapies
Brighton Bodyworks - Pregnancy Massage sounds lovely!
Jo Kellet offers a range of delicious sounding pregnancy and baby massage sessions, check out From The Seed.
There's a dedicated Acupuncture for Women clinic here with a range of services for pregnancy and birth available at Unit 4, Brighton.
Have I missed something?
What have you found useful in your pregnancy and birth? Any brilliant Brighton baby activities or have you had an amazing massage you'd like to share details of?