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Decisions, decisions...

A simple tool for helping you make parenting choices true to your heart and mind
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Whether you're preparing for birth or getting your head round parenting, there are always decisions to be made. Sometimes it seems like being a parent amplifies the changes of everyday life and small decisions become important with life changing potential.
While this can seem full-on at times it's also pretty cool to have that kind of awareness going on in your life. I'll not go into the details, but some of the biggest ones for me have included: where to have my baby, what to call them, sweeps, induction, breastfeeding, injections of various kinds, nurseries, schools, moving house, moving city... And all the relationship decisions that are magnified when you are a mum or dad.

One of the best tools you can develop is to use BRAIN.

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  • B - what are the benefits of taking this decision?
  • R - what are the risks?
  • A - are there alternatives?
  • I - follow your instincts*, what does your heart/belly tell you?
  • N - what would happen if I do nothing?
I use the same process for all my decisions still. I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not so sure. But seriously, it can be a great way to help ensure you're making an informed, personally right choice for you and your family at that point in time.
*If you're not sure, have a read of this entry for some ideas on tuning into your instincts)