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Embodiment Affirmations for birth


Personally, I'm only a certain amount woo, so the idea that you can think your birth in a particular direction doesn't sit well. However, having visual and verbal cues that can help you feel confident, calm, embodied and tuned-into your self, your partner and your birth can be a great, practical help. You can use these visuals as screensavers on your phone to serve as a reminder to feel into the state you'd like to create for your birth and to make it easier to find your calm inner power.

These can be great combined with hypnobirthing or embodied coaching for birth.

Are there any words you used in labour that helped you in those moments?

What mantras appeal to you? Let me know your favourite.

birth affirmation screensaver. An image of a coral pink line drawing of a softly open hand. Text above reads: I trust my instincts.
Birth mantra for hypnobirthing. Brown background with cream illustration of a DNA spiral. Text reads, My body and my baby know just what to do.
Birth affirmation screensaver for iphone. Image illustration of a black woman calming moving on a birthing ball. Text reads: I am a force of nature.
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birth affirmation for ios screensaver reads 'I am a force of nature' retro 70's image of flowers.
Image of a pregnant women in silouette against a background of the sea. She looks peaceful. Text over reads: I am strong enough.
birth affirmation. Image of white woman on a birth ball, her arms are raised above her head and she is smiling happily. Text reads: I am excited to meet my baby.


Blue background with graphic of a wave in a circle. Text below is the birth affirmation: I can ride these waves.