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Feet as Foundation

Why feet matter.

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Why feet matter

For most of us, our feet spend the majority of their time under a desk in a shoe. Doesn't sound like a fun life, does it? Our feet are our foundations; our connection to the surfaces we walk on. Given the chance to sense and move they are strong, responsive and flexible. If you look at the words we associate with feet you get a what we associate with them;

  • 'Land on your feet'
  • 'Best foot forward'
  • 'Put your foot down'
  • 'Think on your feet'

Feet contain nearly a quarter of all the bones in the body along with 8,000 nerves designed to relay signals about our environment. Each foot takes about 1.5 times your body weight as you walk.


Physically, most shoes (and even socks) constrain the movement of your foot. They push the toes towards one another and lift the heel - sending your weight forwards (yes, even flat shoes and mens shoes). In pregnancy there is more pressure on the feet as you grow a whole extra small person (plus a placenta, plus fluid to grow them in), plus your body holds more water than normal too. Many women feel like their feet grow in pregnancy, this may (at least in part) be down to better footwear choices rather than the feet actually growing. As they are allowed more space and comfort the joints and ligaments get more space.

It's a great time to look at shoe choices. Barefoot shoes can be a great option for giving feet optimal space and feeling to floor more.

What makes a shoe barefoot?

  • 'zero drop' (no heel)
  • flexible
  • wide toe box

I see so many parents who pay attention to their kids feet, but neglect to consider their own. It's well worth getting yourself set up well for whole self health.

More fun foot facts over on The Good Body website.

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by Emilie Joy Rowell, doula, yoga teacher, dancer and foot enthusiast.

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