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Postnatal - Emotional wellbeing


It's quite normal for both parents to go through the full spectrum of emotions in the early days with a new baby. You may feel:

  • joy
  • grief
  • love
  • sadness
  • pleasure
  • pain
  • confusion
  • helpless
  • whole
  • lost
  • found

If you have more feelings of sadness than happiness that don't go away it's important to speak to someone. That may be a loved one, friend, or a professional like your GP (or me, I am always here - seriously. Call me 07536049097).

PANDAS Foundation - 0843 28 98 401

9am – 8pm every day

Postnatal depression can affect both men and women. 1 in 7 people experience it at some point in the year after birth. The good news is there are some wonderful groups and lots of support for those that need it. PANDAS have regular meetings in Frome.

If you had a difficult birth or things did not go to plan it can be very helpful to talk. Some women find things playing over in their minds, which can be a sign that you need to speak to someone about your experience.

Whole self care

High levels of cortisol (stress hormones) have been shown to slow down healing.
Taking care of yourself will help you to care for baby. If you are feeling stressed talk to someone about it. You'll probably not be doing hours of yoga and meditation, but if you can allow yourself to rest and even take 5 minutes to stop and breathe, you'll benefit.

Think about your diet - eat well with a good mix of proteins, fibre, essential oils, probiotics (especially if you have had any antibiotics), vitamins, minerals and of course water. Giving yourself a good balanced diet will help with both physical and emotional wellness.