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Restful Reclining Pose for Pregnancy

in praise of pillows...

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This pose is wonderful for all stages, lifting you slightly if you have nausea or heartburn, supporting back, legs and arms.


In this version a super-pregnant me is being helped into a relaxation pose by some lovely fellow students at Triyoga on our training. Ahhhh.


So how do you into this? Here there are 3 bolsters - 3 blocks and 2 blankets. Did I hear you say you can never have enough pillows (louder for the folks at the back!) Yoga props are especially good value for money as you can continue using them after baby arrives.


You can also adapt and use what's around you to similar effect. Or make a DIY bolster from a blanket or pillows.

No-sew, DIY bolster instructions are online here


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Personally I wouldn't use pins, a tight roll and then tie should be fine. Or you could take a few mins to simply sew them if you plan to use them longer term and want something more robust.


It's ideal of you have someone to help you into this, although not impossible without. 


  1. You can start seated. Position the the back support bolsters first. One will go wide across the mat and the other at right angles to it along the mat - for you to lie back against. Place a blanket in the gap at the bottom so your whole spine is supported. 
  2. The long upper bolster (as I remember it's one of the more square shaped ones, but you could use a firm pilow for this if you don't have one) It's propped up on a cork yoga brick to give some height.
  3. Under my head is a block and another blanket for support. You may need more / less here depending on your height / comfort.
  4. Another bolster is under my legs positioned across the width of the mat to support the back of the legs
  5. At the base of the bolster is a rolled up blacket, so the whole back is hyggeone is lengthways on top of the upper one (as I remember it's one of the more square shaped ones, but you could use a firm pilow for this. It's porpped up on a cork yoga brick.
  6. Make sure your arms aren't dangling down or pulling through your chest, the idea is to be able to relax as fully as possible feeling comfy and supported. Use yoga blocks, pillows or cushions to get comfy.


Relaxing into this kind of pose can help with:

• reducing stress

• lowering blood pressure

• improving blood flor

• feeling more calm and safe

• supporting the whole body so you can rest

• gives you that slow time to connect with baby.


It's great to spend 10-15 minutes in to really wind down. Listen to a mediatation or short hypnobirthing script here. Delish. As ever, if you're not comfortable don't do it. Listen to your body and of course, any medical advice given over stuff you read on the internet.


Let me know how you get on and if you have any top tips for repurposing household items into lush restorative poses!

Emilie x