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Tech-savvy birth kit

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The best tech kit for your birth playlist

Here are my favourites. There's tons of other options out there - be great to hear your experience and tips. I've added these because they're sturdy, one is UK-made and they work well together and for other things.


These are great for charging up your phones/speakers/ anything that can be run off a USB so you can take your power supply wherever you need, you can use it in the bathroom at home or the delivery suite in hospital. They're £20-30 currently.

There are lots on the market, I chose this one after it was recommended by people playing Pokemon Go, which rinses your battery power (things you learn hanging out with 10 year olds!)


Other uses - 'I forgot to charge my phone' moments - it's not lightweight, but totally manageable in a handbag. Camping and festivals - it's fantastic for outdoor adventures.

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I love these and use them for classes all the time. In fact I use them everywhere! This little bit of UK-made audio kit is lightweight, simple design and has great sounds and battery power. It's made in Bristol and charges with a USB connection (so you can use the Anker to power it), newer design ones are bluetooth controlled.

Other uses - You can turn it into a portable sound system by linking 2 or more speakers together or even adding a subwoofer for bass. Probably won't need that for most home or hospital births, but worth knowing you can add to it later if you want to.

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What did you find useful?

Comment below with your favourite kit for portable sound and power.