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Why do my pelvic floor symptoms keep changing?

Want to learn more about your body and why you feel discomfort more so on some days than others throughout your week?

What if I told you that your pelvic floor symptoms could have more to do with the way you sit, lift, walk and carry in everyday life than the fact that you're not doing tons of Kegels?

If you think about how your daily movement might load your pelvis, the positions you spend lots of time in and where pressure might build up - could that be why sometimes you leak and other times you don't?

A woman smiling looking slightly back towards the camera, carrying a rucksack on one shoulder.

Switch up your habits. Learn more about your body.

Everyting is connected.

This is a different approach, and not one based around quick-fixes, hardcore exercise routines, big promises and gym memberships.

Yes, you’ll have to make changes. Yes, you’ll have to do the work. Yes, I’ll help you.

If you'd like to start understanding more about your pelvic floor, how it works and what can help - join us for this online workshop on Wednesday 14th October, 8-9pm.

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Join a movement for slow fitness, freedom and ease of movement that works and fits into your life.