• pregnancy yoga for couples

    A mini antenatal workshop (or birth rehearsal) for pregnant couples join together to help ease pregnancy and prepare for birth.
    Join us in Frome for this 2 hour session to experience of some practical positions and massage techniqes for labour.
    Practising together during pregnancy can help thing feel more familiar and comfortable in labour.

  • Where it's at:

    - UPDATE -

    Please book in soon so I can help you make sure you have everything you need to enjoy the session fully.

    future dates:
    - Saturday 6th March, 10am
    - Sunday April 4th, 10am

    - Friday



    (early booking ends 1 week before workshop, use the code 'EARLY+MONTH'
    e.g. 'EARLYAPRIL' to claim - standard price £25*)


    * If money is stopping you from signing up, do get in touch and we'll work something out.

  • Workshop Multipass

    Join 3 workshops a month for £35.
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    • Breathing for Birth • Movement for Birth • Happy Pelvis Pregnancy Workshop
    • Core Care Postnatal • Embodied Yoga for Pregnancy
    Q - Can I repeat a workshop more than once
    A - sure, the content changes a bit each time and sometimes having a bit of repetition reinforces what you're already learnt.

  • What's involved?

    and what to expect


    Learn about the birthing body through movement and understand some basic biomechanics for birth


    Simple yoga based movements suitable for all. No experience is necessary.

    Time together

    Set aside some time to be together, connect with your baby and meet other parents-to-be.


    Get hands-on experience of massage techniques that can ease pregnancy and labour


    Meet other expectant mums and dads. There's time to chat and get to know one another in the session.


    Enjoy a guided relaxation together as part of the session.

  • learn more

    FAQs & aims of this workshop

    Feel better about birth

    Knowlegde about birth can empower you both and give you more confidence in each other and the birth process.

    Demystify breathing

    Breathing techniques that are accessible and flexible.

    Who's this for?

    It's fine to join if this is your first baby, or great as a refresher course. It's also great to have as an extra to NHS or NCT classes.

    Biomechnics for birth

    A simple, science informed approach to movement that can help you work with your body and your baby. Lean movements you can start now to ease your birth.

  • about emilie

    Emilie has been a pregnancy and postnatal specialist since 2008. She's a doula, yoga and antenatal teacher based in Frome.

    Passionate about addressing the real needs of pregnancy, she's developed this workshop to offer you a practical toolkit for birth.

  • “There is evidence yoga can reduce the need for pain relief during birth and the likelihood for delivery by emergency caesarean section."

    - Professor John Aplin, Manchester University study