• What it's NOT:

    - this is a different approach.

    millions of squeezes!

    Chances are you've tried that...

    weights or fancy kit.

    You can improvise props with everyday items.

  • Pay in installments


    2 easy installments, one now and one in a month's time

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    About Emilie

    As well as being mum to 2 kids, Emilie's a level 3 YMCA trained fitness pro, with over 12 year experience as a doula and facilitator of classes, courses and grousp as well as 1-2-1 work with new mums and growing families.


    She's here to help you understand your body better, bringing her unique combination of experience and training to help you reconnect with yourself after birth in a simple, deep, connected way.


    It'll be more than just an exercise class with tips to take away and time to chat to one another.