• 8 week Embodied PREGNANCY YOGA course

    Yoga for Pregnancy - riding the changes of pregnancy to help you prepare for parenting and tune in to your body and baby.


    This flexible online course gives you weekly classes, access online sessions that can easily fit around your life, plus the accountability and sense of community that comes from being part of a group.

    online 8.15pm Tuesdays and 10.30am Thursdays


    The approach blends science-backed body knowledge using modern biomechanics, embodied yoga principles techniques that can help you take yoga into your everyday life; it’s straight talking mindfulness and movement that’s accessible to all at any stage of pregnancy.


    There’s depth and connection through the unique mixture of group and one-to-one sessions. You can also book individual classes if you'd prefer.


    Developed and taught by Emilie, a doula, yoga and antenatal teacher with over 12 years of experience with pregnant and postnatal families.


  • WHATS included

    Over £225 worth of content is included in this autumn package. Times are strange and while we're adapting, managing and navigating our way through let's make the best of it. I've made some changes to the way this runs and would love your feedback.

    • live video classes on Tuesday evenings

    with time to connect to other expectant parents


    These 75 minute long weekly classes are run through zoom. As well a moving together there's time to check in as a group and listen to one another's experiences.


    starting 8th September

    • access to a growing library of videos

    the recordings and more...


    As well as access tot he recordings from each weekly session, you'll be able to access a library of videos on-demand. Grouped by theme and with options for different lengths of time to help make it as easy as possible to fit into your life.

    • regular community calls

    stay connected.


    Community is so important, especially right now.


    Grab a bit of space in your week, a cuppa (and maybe your headphones) so we can check-in.


    There might be a bit of movement and meditation, plus the chance to chat,



  • join us

    I'm excited to welcome you for the autumn online course. The content is *exactly* the same for all these options. Please click through and select your preference from the drop-down menu for your chosen option:

    Book 1 session






    click through to select your chosen class.


    8 classes






    You get access to the replays for your chosen sessions for 2 weeks after they get posted online.


    flexible monthly membership for online and in person classes






    Rolling monthly membership


    Join as many classes as you like online or in person.


    You also get access to the online video library.


  • FAQs

    All you need to know

    Who is this for?

    Pregnant folks like you.

    These classes are mind and body focussed, practical and adaptable. You can take it at your own pace. You can join at any stage of pregnancy for safe exercise from conception to birth. It's fine to join with pelvic pain and suitable for 1st or subsequent pregnancies.


    You don't need to live locally to me, have yoga experience or a fancy set-up. If you are local, the membership will give you access to the Sunday evening in-person classes in Frome.


    It's important that you stay within your own limits and the suggestions of your GP or midwife.

    What do I need?

    what set up do you need to join?

    Tech stuff:

    • a laptop, tablet or phone with a camera and mic
    • decent internet connection
    • zoom
    • some headphones for privacy if you can't always be in a private space for classes.

      What do I need?

      kit list

      Things to make you comfortable:
      • a yoga mat (or comfy place to be that's not slippy)
      • pillows
      • blanket
      • a towel
      • glass of water or something nice and hydrating.
      • Some privacy (sometimes this looks like headphones)

      What's happening when?

      dates and timings

      Live online classes:
      Tuesday evenings, 8.15-9.30pm
      Book 1 class - £12
      Course of 8 - £78
      Community Calls:
      invitation to monthly community calls
    • As seen on BBC Somerset online


      Emilie has a warm and welcoming teaching style, fantastic depth of knowledge, a great sense of humour and a unique skillset that you simply won’t find with any other teacher. With over 12 years experience of yoga and dance teaching, she's a qualified doula and antenatal teacher. Her passion for learning about how we move (and are moved emotionally) brought her to train in Embodied Yoga Principles, delve into movement ecology in pregnancy and learn about taking a more trauma sensitive approach to teaching movement.


    • practical info

      CONTENT: The course covers postural alignment in pregnancy, mindfulness, biomechanics and explores life habits and simple changes to ease your everyday experience in pregnancy. We’ll focus on an idea or area of the body each week.
      Discover ways to add more ease and movement to your daily lifestyle, in preparation for birth and life with a newborn.
      NOW ONLINE - ♡ - join us for weekly movement and connection.


      A happy pregnant woman in fitness gear smiles, holding a bottle of water and looking down.

      TUESDAY 8.15 - 9.30pm

      online classes via Zoom

      You'll need a decent internet connection and a bit of space (enough room to lie down in)


      Optional extras: a yoga mat / a blanket / pillows / drink of water / cup of tea / books instead of blocks.


      A happy pregnant woman in fitness gear smiles, holding a bottle of water and looking down.

      WHO, WHERE, WEAR...


      The class is suitable for all stages of pregnancy - but you may want to have a read of this blog to help you decide when's best to start.


      No experience is necessary

      A mats / blankets / towel is helpful & enough space to move and lie or sit down (that could be in your kitchen, bedroom or wherever works best for you)


      STAY HYDRATED (always, but bring some water to class too)


      WEAR something you're comfortable both moving and lying down in. For some folks this is a dress, others it's yoga pants or PJs- that's fine!



      Why mothers love motherslove:

      Essential me time - pregnancy yoga classes with motherslove in Somerset


      "Emilie is down to earth and friendly; she creates an inclusive and warm environment for the classes.


      I recommend these classes for the all essential 'me' time during pregnancy as they've really helped me to breathe, stretch and properly listen to my body. "

      Comprehensive pregnancy yoga and birth preparation classes with motherslove


      “The classes were comprehensive, covering all of the body from head-to-toe. There was good focus on breathing, relaxation and preparing for birth in various positions.


      I enjoyed the relaxation at the end and almost fell asleep! I felt very nurtured by Emilie and would be happy to recommend her to other expectant mums.”

      Classes to help you navigate through a calm pregnancy - motherslove pregnancy yoga with Emilie


      "Emilie helped me feel more in control, less apprehensive and to know what to expect, so I could navigate a calmer way through - knowing how to listen and respond to my body.

      The whole experience was really lovely."

      Relaxing pregnancy exercise classes with Emilie Joy Rowell - motherslove


      “Thanks for your time and lovely attention. I really enjoyed the whole class, especially because it had a bit of everything, it wasn’t only yoga and exercise.


      After the class, I felt very relaxed all evening.”

    • The good stuff

      How can this pregnancy course help you?

      Stay strong

      Keep moving and gently strengthen legs, arms, wrists and core muscles every week to help you stay strong and prepare for birth.

      Boost Immunity

      Breathing well and relaxing can benefit the immune system; helping you combat colds and illness.

      Soothe aches

      Using modern functional approaches to yoga we'll ease out aches in your back, pelvis and shoulders.

      Balance & posture

      Yoga can help you adjust to the changes within the body, literally finding your centre and feeling your way through the changes in your body.

      Sleep well

      Relaxing and feeling more comfortable in your body can help with insomnia. As well as relaxing during sessions, exercising the body can help you sleep better at night.

      Mind & body

      We explore the head to toe of the physical side of pregnancy, and also look at the emotional and social changes that happen during pregnancy.

      Better flow

      Yoga improves circulation, helping the blood flow freely through the body and providing more oxygen to both mum and child. This may in turn help lower blood pressure and help you stay healthy.

      Feel good

      Classes promote the flow of oxytocin. It’s the ‘love hormone’ that helps you birth and breastfeed your baby. Getting into this zone every week can be hugely beneficial to prepare for birth.

      Time for you

      Having space and time to adapt to pregnancy and new motherhood can be vital for peace of mind. In classes there’s time to chat, share experience and meet other mums.

    • www.motherslove.co.uk

      a movement for better pregnancy, birth and beyond.