• Mind & Body Pregnancy Classes in Frome


    mind and body tools to help you navigate the changes of pregnancy

    - prepare for parenting and tune in to your body and baby -


    Yoga and mindfulness for birth and parenting preparation.

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    Wednesdays • 7.00pm - 8.15pm in Frome


    Mindfulness and movement that’s safe and accessible to all from early pregnancy to when it's time to meet your baby.


    This 6 week course in Frome includes yoga and biomechanics based movement for a healthy pregnancy, active birth basics and simple, deep relaxation techniques.


    Developed and taught by Emilie, a doula, yoga and antenatal teacher with over 15 years of experience with pregnant and postnatal families.


  • The good stuff

    How can this pregnancy course help you?

    Stay strong

    Keep moving and gently strengthen legs, arms, wrists and core muscles every week to help you stay strong and prepare for birth.

    Boost Immunity

    Breathing well and relaxing can benefit the immune system; helping you combat colds and illness.

    Soothe aches

    Using modern functional approaches to yoga we'll ease out aches in your back, pelvis and shoulders.

    Balance & posture

    Yoga can help you adjust to the changes within the body, literally finding your centre and feeling your way through the changes in your body.

    Sleep well

    Relaxing and feeling more comfortable in your body can help with insomnia. As well as relaxing during sessions, exercising the body can help you sleep better at night.

    Mind & body

    We explore the head to toe of the physical side of pregnancy, and also look at the emotional and social changes that happen during pregnancy.

    Better flow

    Yoga improves circulation, helping the blood flow freely through the body and providing more oxygen to both mum and child. This may in turn help lower blood pressure and help you stay healthy.

    Feel good

    Classes promote the flow of oxytocin. It’s the ‘love hormone’ that helps you birth and breastfeed your baby. Getting into this zone every week can be hugely beneficial to prepare for birth.

    Time for you

    Having space and time to adapt to pregnancy and new motherhood can be vital for peace of mind. In classes there’s time to chat, share experience and meet other mums.

  • Practicalities

    WEDNESDAY EVENINGS • 7.00pm - 8.15pm

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    starts October 2023


    BYO Yoga mat and a blanket


    There will be time to move, talk, learn and share every week.


    The course covers postural alignment in pregnancy, mindfulness, biomechanics and explores life habits and simple changes to ease your everyday experience in pregnancy. We’ll focus on an idea or area of the body each week.


    Get simple tips on everyday movement for ease in pregnancy


    Sessions are themed:



    Classes run in sequence, if possible they will be recorded so you can access them again for the week after class (and so you won't miss any sessions if you can't join us in person)

  • What other mothers say:

    Essential me time - pregnancy yoga classes with motherslove in Somerset


    "Emilie is down to earth and friendly; she creates an inclusive and warm environment for the classes.


    I recommend these classes for the all essential 'me' time during pregnancy as they've really helped me to breathe, stretch and properly listen to my body. "

    Comprehensive pregnancy yoga and birth preparation classes with motherslove


    “The classes were comprehensive, covering all of the body from head-to-toe. There was good focus on breathing, relaxation and preparing for birth in various positions.


    I enjoyed the relaxation at the end and almost fell asleep! I felt very nurtured by Emilie and would be happy to recommend her to other expectant mums.”

    Classes to help you navigate through a calm pregnancy - motherslove pregnancy yoga with Emilie


    "Emilie helped me feel more in control, less apprehensive and to know what to expect, so I could navigate a calmer way through - knowing how to listen and respond to my body.

    The whole experience was really lovely."

    Relaxing pregnancy exercise classes with Emilie Joy Rowell - motherslove


    “Thanks for your time and lovely attention. I really enjoyed the whole class, especially because it had a bit of everything, it wasn’t only yoga and exercise.


    After the class, I felt very relaxed all evening.”

  • Book in for classes

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    - 6 week expiry

    if you are on a low income use the code 'concessions'

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    - 3 months expiry

    if you are on a low income use the code 'concessions'


    Session themes run in a loop, but it's fine to join at any stage - some people repeat the cycle more than once. Most people start in their second trimester and stay until baby arrives. If you feel ready sooner, that's fine as long as there are no medical reasons why you shouldn't join. You can still come to class after your 'due date' provided there are no medical concerns.


    • Buy using the link for either 5 or 10 classes

    • Click on the code in your confirmation email

    • Complete the pre-course booking info

    • Select your course dates.


    - Sessions normally run term times only -


    You have 3 months to use the 10 class pack and 6 weeks for the 5 class pack.

    Single sessions are available as a trial class or for those very close to meeting baby.

    Unused class credits can be transferred to credit for a massage or 1-2-1, if your baby arrives before you use them all.

    It's best to book consecutive classes and adjust as/when needed or the space may get booked by someone else!

    Please book in at least 2 hours before class start time if it's a late booking / catch up class

    Cancellations with less than 12 hours notice will use a credit - you need to log in to your account online to cancel a class.


    Finances difficult? Use the code 'concessions' if your family is on benefits or otherwise struggling to meet your costs.

  • FAQs

    All you need to know

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    Who is this for?

    Pregnant folks like you.

    These classes are mind and body focussed, practical and adaptable. You can take it at your own pace. You can join at any stage of pregnancy for safe exercise from conception to birth. It's fine to join with pelvic pain and suitable for 1st or subsequent pregnancies.



    It's important that you stay within your own limits and the suggestions of your GP and/or midwife.

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    What do I need?

    kit list

    Things to make you comfortable:


    • a yoga mat (if you like)

    • a pillow or two!

    • blanket

    • a bottle of water

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    What's happening when?

    dates and timings


    Class time:

    Wednesday evenings, 7.00 - 8.15



    save 20% - £10 per class



    save 30% - £8.75 per class


    (concessions are available)


    Community :

    WhatsApp and regular meetups


  • about Emilie

    Emilie has a warm and welcoming teaching style, fantastic depth of knowledge, a great sense of humour and a unique skillset that you simply won’t find with any other teacher. With over 15 years experience of yoga and dance teaching, she's a qualified doula and antenatal teacher. Her passion for learning about how we move (and are moved emotionally) led her to train in Embodied Coaching, delve into movement ecology in pregnancy and learn about taking more trauma-sensitive approaches to guiding movement.skill setin


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    a movement for better pregnancy, birth and beyond.


    Each topic will explore one aspect of pregnant life. There will be time to chat and share experiences, support to help you to make changes in your everyday life and develop good habits that will make you feel better during your pregnancy.


    8 weeks of embodiment for pregnancy




    Nurturing Strength




    Approaching Birth


    Nurturing Intuition


    Embracing the curves


    Leaving Behind



    Deep Rest

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    Join us from the comfort of your own home.


    How does it work?

    Just sign up for the class or course and you'll receive the link to join us on zoom. We can all see and hear one another so there's still the chance to check in and stay connected like we would in-person.


    What do I need?

    A phone, computer or tablet with good internet connection, a mic and camera. Plus a bit of space, pillows a towel and blanket.


    Try a class for free.

    You can try a session for free (use the pop-up to get your discount code and book in).

    Classes are then 25% less than in-person, 5 classes are £45 or 10 are just £82.50. As well a joining the live classes you'll get access to a growing online video collection and discounts on other courses.


    If money's tight but you want to join, just let me know. These are strange times and I'm happy to help however I can ♡


    8 weeks of embodied yoga for pregnancy with relective practices and practical tools.


    Nurturing Strength


    Tools for emotional and physical strength in pregnancy - from alignment ideas to warrior fierceness

    • 1st October



    Embrace your changing body - get to grips with practicalities of a changing center of gravity.


    • 8th October



    What's your relationship to support like? How much do you give / have / need.



    • 15th October

    Approaching Birth


    Baby will grow and one day soon will be born. How does the prospect of birth & parenting make you feel?


    • 22nd October

    Nurturing Intuition


    It's not a mystical thing! We'll play with some of the body science of intuition to help you trust yourself.




    • 29th October

    Embracing curves


    All. The. Goddess. Femininity. (and riding the ups and downs of life on pregnancy hormones)




    • 5th Novemeber

    Leaving Behind


    As you step into a new chapter of parenting, what do you leave behind w, what do you let go of & what are you looking toward ?


    • 12th November



    Slow movement & meditation practices to bring all this stuff together as you get closer to meeting baby earthside.



    • 19th November