• Past your Estimated Due Date?

    I can help give you some time and space, helping you and baby get into a better position physically and mentally for the birth.

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    Post Dates Package

    Maybe you're beginning to feel like there is pressure on you to give birth?

    If you would like some time and space to relax, talk about options, to move and stretch or have a massage please get in touch.

    • movement
    • listening
    • massage
    • research
    • library of info

    All tailored to your personal situation and needs.


    From £40+

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    Emilie's completed advanced biomechanics for birth training on optimal positioning.

    She's also a member of the 10 month club herself, as she and all her family carry babies for longer than the average.

    What to expect

    • Zero pressure
    • Oxytocin ideas
    • Help sourcing info
    • Movement and massage ideas
    • Post dates mindfulness exercises
    • No BS