• Pelvic Floor Coaching in Frome

    Pelvic Movement for Self-confident Living (the right kind of PMSL)

  • A different approach to pelvic floor and core dysfunction.

    Are you doing 100s of daily squeezes that don't seem to be working?

    Switching to using whole body movement, embodied awareness and working with your breath can help you understand your body better and learn how to support functional movement in everyday living.

    Integrate these simple, effective movements into your life to establish more healthy movement patterns.


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  • What are classes like?


    "The best thing about these workshops for me has been having the space to slow down and feel into my body. Learning about the way the body works and being able to consider a different way of working with the pelvic floor from doing squeezes has also been a real gift.

    I have been surprised by how making the smallest of movements has had a big impact on the way that my body feels. Let go of all the common things you have been told about the pelvic floor and come to one of Emilie's classes and listen and move more consciously and see what happens."

               - C, Frome

  • timing not work for you?

    1-2-1 packages

    Book a bespoke package of 5 pelvic floor classes one-to-one with Emilie, timed to suit you in Frome, Bath, Bristol, Bradford-on-Avon or online.

    Get time and attention to look at your individual circumstances and get a plan designed for your life.
    A realistic, self-paced plan that will give you a different approach to pelvic health.

    • 5 private sessions (1 x 60 min - 4 x 45 minutes)

    • embodied whole body, whole life approach

    • video exercise reminders

    • progress in your own time

    £290 for 5 sessions

    (£375 if booked individually - more than 25% discount )
    - payment plans available on request -

  • What's different about these classes?

    Shift habits ✅

    Many people find their daily habits 'undo' the work done in a once-a-week session or ocaisional bodywork.

    No weights / kit needed ❌

    We use basic, adaptable kit that can be found around your home to make these changes easy as possible.

    Trauma Informed ✅

    Language and setup will be considered to help everyone feel safe in class.

    No need to be postpartum ❌

    It can be months or years after having baby before joining and getting benefit of classes.

    Whole Body Approach ✅

    That means your emotions too. Living with pelvic issues takes it's toll on the whole of you. This approach involves moving your body better and treating yourself with kindness.

    No sweat ❌

    This isn't a sweaty workout. Starting with deep core foundations and developing into more fluid and dynamic movements.

  • Emilie's approach

    Rooted in anatomy, embodiment and practical biomechanics.


    As well as the trainings below, Emilie's completed an in-person training with Katy Bowman of Nutritious Movement, and courses in PRESS Yoga and Felmale Pelvic Floor Training with pelvic pain expert Isa Herrera.

    Franklin Method Pelvic Facia Trainer


    The Franklin Method is a highly effective, evidence-based approach to movement education focusing on the body and its function.

    It has been practiced for some 30 years and taught at numerous illustrious institutions around the globe.

    Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery is at the heart of the Franklin Method – this is the use of metaphorical mental imagery to support the development of healthy physical function, strength, mobility and coordination. In other words, we combine visualization techniques with physical exercises to improve movement.

    Your Pelvic Matters Trained Teacher

    A full-body approach to pelvic floor rehabilitation designed specifically for women with

    • pelvic floor problems (prolapse, sneeze wee, urge incontinence),
    • pelvic pain (hips, lower back, groin and/or pubic area)
    • persistent monthly menstrual cramps, and
    • pregnant women wanting to prepare their pelvic floor for a natural delivery

    Embodied Yoga Principles

    Embodied Yoga Principles emphasises psychological self-awareness and transfer of skills to daily-life. EYP is mindfulness-based and incorporates elements of life coaching, body therapy, dance, bodywork, improv. and martial arts.
    It's a practical, non-dogmatic approach that is both simple and effective.
    Founded on priciples of awareness, and choice, it's a trauma sensitive approach to making movement matter and applying yoga to real life situations.
  • Many people live with leaks and the feeling that they can’t do all the things they’d like to in life.

    It takes people an average of 5 years to get help with pelvic floor issues.
    (that sucks.)

    Some exercises can increase  pressure to your core and pelvic floor.

    Squeezes don't work for everyone.

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