• hello mama,



    How are you?


    You are amazing.
    You grew a whole new person!

    But I get it, you're tired and maybe even it feels like your body's not quite
    your own right now?


    If you're in need of some space to reconnect with your body, you're in the right place.


  • postnatal classes

    Nurturing postnatal classes to help you prepare reconnect with and nurture your body post birth.


    - Starting June 2020 -
    daytime outdoor postnatal classes


    Emilie's approach blends science-backed body knowledge using modern biomechanics, embodiemnt techniques that can help you take yoga into your everyday life; it’s straight talking mindfulness and movement that’s accessible to all.


    Developed and taught by Emilie, a doula, yoga and antenatal teacher with over 12 years of experience with pregnant and postnatal families. She's passionate about postnatal recovery and has trained in supporting diastasis recti issues, healing pelvic floor and helping with continence problems. Emilie's also an NCT breastfeeding supporter and an experienced mama to 2.


  • FAQs

    All you need to know

    Who is this for?

    Postnatal people in Frome / Bruton

    Perfect for new mums in the first year after having a baby, pre-crawling babies are welcome to join alongside you.


    Suitable for you whatever you’re experience of birth or parenting; if you have had a caesarean birth, have pelvic floor issues, abdominal separation or are breastfeeding (provided your GP has given you the go-ahead).


    Emilie’s approach is trauma-informed combining functional exercises, yoga and simple embodied mindfulness for all postnatal people.


    No experience necessary.

    What do I need?

    what set up do you need to join?

    Membership at Marston Park
    (Join here - it's free)


    • a yoga mat(s)

    • towel / blankets

    • hand sanitiser

    • a filled water bottle

    •  whatever is needed for your baby (pre-crawling only).

    We will be outside so be aware and prepared for that. Layers, sunscreen, waterproofs, parasol/shade are all things to consider.


  • Wednesdays


    Marston Park
    BA11 5BP

    • Free parking
    • Join us for a cuppa by the lake after class
    • Limited spaces available

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