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    Daytime postnatal Core Care Course in Frome, Somerset


    FROME - Monday mornings • 11.30 - 12.45pm

    small hygge home studio in Keyford area of Frome

    start date: Monday 13th January 2020


    If you've recently had a baby chances are that you're feeling it in your back, shoulders and wrists. Perhaps you're having issues with abdominal separation, your pelvic floor or feeling less at home in your body than before. These classes offer a regular nurturing space to reconnect to yourself while acknowledging the changes that come with early motherhood.


    Movements are yoga based with a good dose of postural alignment and practical life tips. Covering all the owie bits and looking at changes you can make to your daily habits that can improve make improvements that go beyond the yoga studio.


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    NB - 5 packs expire within 6 weeks & 10 packs in 3 months. Sessions normally run termtimes only.
    • Please book in at least 2 hours before class start time
    • Cancellations with less than 12 hours notice will not be refunded - you need to log in to your account to cancel a class.
    Finances difficult?
    Get in touch to chat about options and discounts available for families on welfare or otherwise struggling.



    Some women find it difficult to connect with themselves after birth, perhaps because of difficult birth experiences or because they feel different. Different to how they were during pregnancy or pre-pregnancy.


    Your body has transformed and this, combined with the inevitable massive shift in your lifestyle, hormones and sleep deprivation can take some time to navigate.

  • Practicalities

    When to join and what to expect...

    When can I join?

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    Join us any time after you've had your postnatal check up and have the go-ahead from your GP.
    These are small group classes with a maximum of 4 or 5 mums and their babies - so places are limited. Please email to check availability and start dates.

    What to expect?

    a place to BE as much as DO

    There are babies in the room. Sometimes mamas haven't slept well. Some folks will get more chance to move others will be tending to baby more. Try not to place to big an expectation on getting things done in class.

    You'll get back up material to use at home, classes are a space for community and being as much as doing the exercises. There's also space to sleep if you need it, extra eyes and arms to help with baby, people to listen to you, plus biscuits, tea.


    You can rock up in your PJs if it's that kind of a day.
    It's a no judgement zone.

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    Join us every month at the Moxon Suite at Frome Community Hospital for Postnatal Yoga. Classes are by donation (recommended £5) and all proceeds go to fund Frome Birth Talk's free counselling service.

    No experience is necessary: Emilie will lead you through a gentle mindfulness-based movement class to help you relax, boost your mood and connect with other new mums in the area while having some much-needed 'you time'.