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    A woo-free body mind pregnancy course to help you walk through pregnancy in comfort, approach birth with confidence and enter into parenting feeling more ready.


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    why people come to these classes

    Essential me time - pregnancy yoga classes with motherslove in Somerset


    "Emilie is down to earth and friendly; she creates an inclusive and warm environment for the classes.


    I recommend these classes for the all essential 'me' time during pregnancy as they've really helped me to breathe, stretch and properly listen to my body. "

    Comprehensive pregnancy yoga and birth preparation classes with motherslove


    “The classes were comprehensive, covering all of the body from head-to-toe. There was good focus on breathing, relaxation and preparing for birth in various positions.


    I enjoyed the relaxation at the end and almost fell asleep! I felt very nurtured by Emilie and would be happy to recommend her to other expectant mums.”

    Classes to help you navigate through a calm pregnancy - motherslove pregnancy yoga with Emilie


    "Emilie helped me feel more in control, less apprehensive and to know what to expect, so I could navigate a calmer way through - knowing how to listen and respond to my body.

    The whole experience was really lovely."

    Relaxing pregnancy exercise classes with Emilie Joy Rowell - motherslove


    “Thanks for your time and lovely attention. I really enjoyed the whole class, especially because it had a bit of everything, it wasn’t only yoga and exercise.


    After the class, I felt very relaxed all evening.”

  • 'emilie is a great teacher. full of faith, humour and patience.'

    - angela

    about emilie

    Emilie has a warm and welcoming teaching style, fantastic depth of knowledge, a great sense of humour and a unique skillset that you simply won’t find with any other teacher. With over 12 years experience of yoga and dance teaching, she's a qualified doula and antenatal teacher. Her passion for learning about how we move (and are moved emotionally) brought her to train in Embodied Yoga Principles, delve into movement ecology in pregnancy and learn about taking a more trauma sensitive approach to teaching movement.


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