• Get personal attention

    online sessions with Emilie

  • Emilie Joy Rowell teaching an Embodied Yoga Principles pose.

    Why private classes?

    Private classes may not be why you initially landed here, but they are so much better than group sessions online.


    You get

    • individual attention
    • direct instructions
    • to take things at your own pace
    • space to ask questions
    • a personal plan sent by email after your session.
    I'm available for private classes in Frome, Somerset (covid permitting) and online from the comfort of your home wherever you are.

  • Private sessions in Frome

    Get individual support, information and attention.

    During pregnancy

    ride the changes

    Adapting to the changes as you grown new life can be challenging.


    Your actual center of gravity is shifting.


    I can help with practices to aid sleep, help you understand your changing body and deal with issues like pelvic pain, achy shoulders, sciatica, wrist and back pain.


    1-2-1 sessions mean I can offer you the mixture of movement and massage that's just right for you.



    Prepare for birth

    optimal positioning and active birth

    Partner practices for birth preparation. These sessions are a great way to add movement, massage and breath practices to your birth toolkit. Perfect for first time parents or those with kids as we can fit in around work and bedtimes!


    I'm also able to help with gentle non-onvasive and science based appraches to getting breech babies into a better position for birth. If you've had a breech or posterior birth in the past this can be a great resource. You can start the practices any time during pregnancy.

    Postnatal recovery

    come home to your body

    I'm here to help you doula your body in the postnatal period.


    You may want gentle ideas for mindfulness and movement in the early weeks.


    I'm also a breastfeeding peer supporter with NCT, a birth crisis trained doula and have a trauma sensitive approach to massage, movement and mindfulness.


    Pelvic & 'Core' health

    Pelvic Floor and Diastasis Recti repair and recovery

    A whole body, complete life approach to regaining core strength, healing tummy gaps and getting your pelvic floor back to being more responsive.


    One to one classes are perfect for these personal issues and you'll get time to talk through any concerns in confidence.

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