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  • Emilie Joy Rowell

    Pregnancy, postnatal and pelvic specialist since 2008.

    Emilie Joy Rowell, yoga teacher in Somerset. Antenatal teacher, postnatal yoga teacher, pregnancy and mothers massage in Frome and beyond


    Massive congratulations if you've landed here because you're pregnant or have just had a baby.


    I love helping parents like you grow their families. My passion is helping people find the right resources to have their best experience of pregnancy, birth and parenting.


    Taking a realistic approach to the rollercoaster ride of emotions and the big physical changes that happen during and after pregnancy, I offer a range of classes, coaching options and doula services online and in Somerset.


    Over the past 14 years, I have helped hundreds of women and their partners adapt to becoming new parents, some for the first time and others adding more to their crew. Everyone is different and a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn't work.


    I love that we all have different bodies, priorities, principles and approaches to parenting.

    Emilie Joy Rowell, yoga teacher in Somerset. Antenatal teacher, postnatal yoga teacher, pregnancy and mothers massage in Frome and beyond


    Because I have been doing this for quite a while, the way I work has slowly evolved. I started off teaching Relaxed Birth and Parenting Scaravelli influenced pregnancy yoga classes, active birth workshops and attending births as a doula in 2008 (those little people are heading towards teens now!).


    Since then I have trained and read and learnt and tried different things. Particularly in my second pregnancy, when I was keen to feel it all first hand. I did more Scaravelli yoga, danced, completed another Pregnancy Yoga teacher training (this time with Nadia Narain at Triyoga - a more Kundalini approach).


    I had a more sensitive pelvis in my second pregnancy, was teaching a demanding schedule of 10+ classes a week in 3 different cities. I got tennis elbow from the repetitive movement of packing for a house move and stuff was at points, well - stressful.


    I get it.



    Emilie Joy Rowell, yoga teacher in Somerset. Antenatal teacher, postnatal yoga teacher, pregnancy and mothers massage in Frome and beyond

    birth & postnatal

    My own birth experiences were different - one postdates home birth, the other a hospital induction (and yes, they were in that order). My postnatal experiences were also very different; for my first I had my family around where for my second baby I was in a new town without the network of friends and family around me and it was a considerably more lonely experience.


    Like many mamas I was quite withdrawn, a natural introvert and not really one for singing endless nursery rhymes... I had also burst my ear drum around my due date so was unable to hear in one ear and had carpal tunnel syndrome in those early months so it wasn't a picture of rosy earth-mother perfection. No judgement here!


    There are times when you need to be fierce to get through and other moments where you'll need to let go, be nurtured and supported.


    Emilie Joy Rowell, doula, antenatal teacher and embodiment coach sitting in a circle of standing stones in Cumbria.

    my approach

    I work with parents who are navigating big life changes. The reality of shape-shifting, growing a family and shifting dynamics of identity and relationships that comes with that.


    I work with a blend of embodiment and biomechanics based movement to really help you move through the physical changes of pregnancy, from head to toe in body and soul.


    I use elements of embodied coaching and somatic practices to this work because they are fantastic, simple and adaptable ways to embed new patterns, develop greater awareness and make space for change.


    Happy to say I am now based in beautiful Frome and available for in-person sessions here, or to meet you where you're at online.


    Hope to meet you soon!



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    "The sessions were non-judgemental, inclusive and accessible and provided a safe space to confide in other mums at the same stage of their journey.


    Thank you Emilie and Frome Birth Talk.”

    Feedback from postnatal yoga sessions for charity Frome Birth Talk.

    "I was somewhat mind blown by how the smallest movements and changes to posture can impact the pelvic floor and how I could really feel the changes in my body as my muscles were working. Highly recommend."

    - Chloe Jones

  • training & development

    Emilie is a fully qualified doula, yoga and antenatal teacher with over 10 year experience and a DBS certificate.


    2008 - Relaxed Birth & Parenting

    2012 - Nurturing Birth

    Pregnancy Yoga Teacher

    2008 - Relaxed Birth & Parenting, Scaravelli inspired training

    2012 - Triyoga, Pregnancy Yoga Teacher training with Nadia Narain

    Postnatal Yoga Teacher

    2013 - Triyoga, Postnatal Yoga Teacher training with Nadia Narain


    2015 - MotherMassage® training with Elaine Stillerman.

    2014 - Indian Head Massage

    Study Days

    • Free From Harm training - White Ribbon Alliance, 2023
    • Birthrights training - 2021
    • Advanced Biomechanics for Birth, 2020
    • Gathering in the Knowledge, Sara Wickham, 2019
    • Biomechanics for Birth, Molly O'Brien, 2019
    • Home Birth Conference - Ina May Gaskin & Sheena Byrom, 2016
    • Birth Crisis Workshop - Sheila Kitzinger, 2012
    • The Postnatal Period, 2010
    • Looking at The Pelvis, 2010
    • Best Practice Recommendations for Supporting Women in Labour - Michel Odent & Liliana Lammers, 2009

    Other Training

    • Hypnobirthing Teacher Training, 2023
    • Trauma Coaching Certificate, 2023
    • Certificate of Embodied Meditation TT, 2022
    • Certification of Embodied Coaching, 2021
    • Franklin Method Pelvic Fascia Trainer, 2021
    • Movement Ecology During Pregnancy with Katy Bowman of Nutritious Movement, 2018
    • Female Pelvic Floor Training for Birth & Wellness Practitioners, 2017
    • Your Pelvic Matters teacher training, 2018
    • MotherMassage training with Elaine Stillerman, 2016
    • Diastasis Recti Biomechanics training, 2015
    • Dancing for Birth, 2012


    • 200-hour Teacher Training
    • REPS Level 3 Recognised
    • Yoga Alliance registered
    • PRESS Yoga for Pelvic Dysfunction and Lower Back Pain, 2017
    • Embodied Yoga Principles Teacher Training, 2016
    • Trauma Sensitive Yoga CPD, with Sara Holmes De Castro, 2015
    • Scaravelli Immersion Course with Catherine Annis, Triyoga, 2012


    • Guest trainer with Embodiment Unlimited, LECC, CECC and Embodied Toolkit trainings, 2023 - 2024
    • Team for Continuum Doula Training, 2022
    • Zoom Host - The Embodiment Conference, 2020
    • Volunteer for Frome Birth Talk
    • Mum & Baby Yoga teacher at Camp Bestival, 2015
    • Positive Birth Movement Facilitator, 2015-2020
    • Organised 'Birth Reborn' CPD with Michel Odent, 2009 here
    • Teaching since 2008
  • Training and associations

    Franklin Method logo

    Franklin Method

    Pelvic Fascia Trainer, 2021

    Relaxed Birth and Parenting Logo

    Relaxed Birth & Parenting

    Trained with Relaxed Birth & Parenting in 2008.

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    Yoga Alliance

    Registered yoga teacher.

    Nurturing Birth doula logo

    Nurturing Birth Doula

    Trained with Nurturing Birth Doulas in 2012.

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    Happy to partner with NOMinee organic skincare.

    Embodied Yoga Principles teacher

    Embodied Yoga Principles

    Qualified Embodied Toolkit facilitator and coach, 2016







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    This Girl Can

    Proud to partner with This Girl Can

    It's a celebration of active women up and down the country who are doing their thing no matter how well they do it, how they look or even how red their face gets.
















  • My values

    One of the reasons I am self employed is so that I can work in ways that feel right.

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    living on a small planet

    The micro studio is powered by ecotricity and I travel on public transport to teach classes, serve clients and lead workshops.

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    giving and welcoming

    Mothering is a verb.


    Everyone is welcome here ♡


    Families come in all shapes and sizes.


    In order to support as many growing families as possible I offer reduced rates for anyone in financial difficulties. I work with local charity Frome Birth Talk and The Positive Birth Movement, as well as running regular low & no cost groups.