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    Coaching with Emilie

    I'm a certified Embodiment Coach and Trauma Coach and have been working wih trauma-sensitive and somatic approached to the body for over 6 years.


    As well as having my private practice I am an assistant trainer for Embodiment Unlimited's Certificate of Embodied Coaching and Embodied Toolkit training courses.


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    Life Coaching with the body

    Do you find yourself overwhelmed, spread too thin, feeling lost or out of touch with yourself?


    I help people find practical ways to

    • tune into their needs
    • make choices that feel good

    • move forwards with clarity and hope


    These are ideal if you're either feeling stuck or are going through a period of change in your life.


    Some people see embodiment as a lost language that's inside us all. A knowing that's all too often ignored but that can help access greater happiness, connection and confidence.


  • What is Embodied Coaching?

    why it's different, and why it's so helpful...

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    This coaching uses movement, awareness and choice to help you develop simple, practical tools that you can easily add to your everyday life in order to facilitate change.


    Drawing on influences from archetypes, movement practices and psychology - embodied coaching is a unique approach that offers practical ways to make changes in life through somatic approaches.


    Typically I work with people for between 4 and 10 sessions. Each session will focus on a question, explore options and develop a set practice to help cultivate more of what you need in life.


    I work online and in-person in Frome, Bath and Bristol.


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    Trauma Coaching

    These sessions are for people who've either had low-level trauma in their past, or have had more traumatic experiences but have already had some therapy and healing around them.


    Embodied coaching is theraputic, but is not therapy.


    Main benefits are • taking 'story' out of the coaching process • practical and practice-able approach • future and goal oriented.

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    Pelvic Wellbeing Coaching

    If you're looking for a practical, supportive coach to help you make the small shifts that can make big differences to your pelvic floor.


    I've been helping people tune into their core and pelvic floor for over 6 years using simple science-based mind body tools.


    I run sessions online and in the South West of England (Frome, Bath and Bristol)


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    It's how we are, who we are.


    The lived experience in your body rather than an external or objectified idea.