• Embodied Coaching

    Coaching for life using embodiment principles to help you


    • tune into your needs
    • make choices that feel good

    • get practical tools to help you move forwards


    These are ideal if you're either feeling stuck or are going through a period of change in your life.


  • What is Embodied Coaching?

    why it's different, and why it's so helpful...

    What is embodiment?

    Embodiment is how people are in their bodies. It's going on in the background all the time.


    By bringing awareness to and adding choice in how we respond, you get to do things differently.


    How coaching works

    This coaching uses movement and simple, practical tools that you can easily add to your everyday life.


    It's not therapy and isn't focused on talking about your stuff, but about working with what you can do in the here and now.


    Sessions are normally online with video calls. I recommend either fortnightly or weekly sessions to maintain momentum.


    While it's a physical practice, it's very flexible and we can work around physical needs or space issues. That said it's ideal if you have some space available to move in.


    Privacy is a must for calls. Please make sure you can be in a good space for calls.



    Parenthood can sometimes lead to feelings of:

    • stuckness when the routine is getting you down
    • not feeling quite your old self
    • being torn between work and family life
    • sense of overwhelm or a lack of space for yourself
    • a desire to show up more fully for yourself, your partner and your kids
    • grief for your old life
    • frustration with relationships

    Embodied coaching gives you tools and options to do things differently and move out of those patterns.


    Coaching for doulas of all stages...


    If you're just starting out and looking for confidence and direction with your new career Emilie can help you with practical tools to get you started and moving forward in a way that's supportive and will serve you, your family and your clients well without the risk of burnout.


    Perhaps you're further on in your birth work and looking for other ways of supporting clients, or yourself and are looking for tools to feel more resourced, revitalised and ready in your role.


    Being there for your partner in labour is big.


    Welcoming your child into the world is big.


    Sometimes partners have no one other than their partner to honestly talk through issues and worries that may be in the back of their minds. How can you be strong enough? What if something goes wrong? Perhaps there are past experiences that come up for you.


    Emilie can help you be in a zone of supportive confidence so that you can be there for the one you love more fully, and with less fear.

  • Emilie Joy Rowell

    Emilie is an embodiment coach, doula, yoga and dance teacher with over 15 years of teaching; facilitating groups, individuals and couples. She brings her experience of the life-changing transitions of birth and parenting and the playfulness of spinning hula hoops plus 6 years of working with Embodied Toolkit to her work as a coach.


    Embodied coaching focuses on what we do in the now, it is therapeutic but definitely not therapy, deep but practical and simple.

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