• Massage in Frome

    pregnancy and postnatal massage with Emilie in Frome

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    Nurturing pregnancy massage to help adapt to a changing body, give some time and space for relaxation and soothe aching muscles.


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    The early months with a newborn can be emotionally and physically tiring. These sessions offer mums space to be themselves, get some headspace and allow some essential time to relax and restore.

  • " I had a beautiful, intricate pregnancy massage with Emilie yesterday!

    Probably the most relaxed I've ever been, ever. "

    - Hannah

    “Emilie was super attentive. Her level of pressure was exactly as we talked about and there was plenty of opportunity to adjust if necessary.

    A lovely massage.”

    C, Brighton

    "I recently saw Emilie Rowell in Frome as I had a very bad back. She specialises in pregnancy massage and I'd highly recommend."

    Kerry Munden-Starr

  • massage for pregnancy and postpartum

    in Frome, Somerset

  • Improve circulation

    - helping the blood flow freely through the body and providing more oxygen to both mum and child.

    Studies show up to 15% more oxygen after a massage.

    Sooth the nervous system

    - promoting emotional wellbeing.

    Serotonin and dopamine are released during massage as well as endorphins that act as natural painkillers and help with stress or depression.-

    Relief from aches & pains

    - eases tense muscles in the body.

    Soothing touch improves blood circulation and releases endorphins like seratonin - the body's built-in painkiller.

    Better sleep

    People normally sleep well after a massage. The feeling of deep relaxation in your body, combined with all the feel-good hormones are often the recipe for sweet dreams.

    Reduce swelling

    Swollen feet and ankles can be part of later pregnancy for many women. Light-touch lymphatic drainage helps to aleiviate symptoms.


    Time for you to mentally unwind as well as physically. It can be hard to adapt to the changes of pregnancy and new motherhood. Having time to just be you can be really valuable.

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    About Emilie

    Emilie's first training with Relaxed Birth and Parenting included learning from author of 'Shaitsu for Midwives', Suzanne Yates of Well Mother.


    She studied Indian Head Massage in Brighton and completed the MotherMassage® certification with the New York-based massage therapist and author Elaine Stillerman, who began her pioneering work with pregnancy massage in 1980.


    Emilie is an Embodiment Coach, Doula, Yoga Teacher, biomechanics and pelvis geek and Childbirth Educator. Her approach is gentle, science-based, down to earth and trauma-informed. She’s mum to 2 kids and has been working with birthing families for more than 15 years.

  • Nurturing pregnancy and postnatal massage

    Specialist pregnancy and postpartum massage in Frome, Somerset

  • Gift a massage

    pregnancy and postnatal massage gift vouchers with Emilie in Frome

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    If you're looking for a gift for a family member, friend or colleague, a massage is always welcome. The recipient can choose their own time and the voucher is flexible so can be used in pregnancy or after baby arrives.