move well - birth well


    A practical, movement-based course to help you understand the changes in your pregnant and birthing body. Learn how to move through pregnancy with more ease and confidence, knowing you're doing the right things to care for and prepare yourself.


    This course is perfect if you're worried about meeting baby, whether you're a first-time parent or you're already got little ones. We'll be covering birth anatomy and exploring hormones in ways that are simple, practical and fun. There are several opportunities for partners to join sessions, including one session that's just for those supporting you in the birth room (doulas welcome too). This course includes access to online content and ways to connect socially with other parents, so you can find your village.

    Stay fit, learn about your birthing body and prepare to meet your baby with confidence.

    - in Frome, Somerset -

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    antenatal course


    Simple biomechanics informed yoga-based poses, embodied movement, mindfulness and tips for life.



    This class is rooted in developing awareness and offering you choices that you can take into any type of birth, so that you stay in charge in classes (and hopefully beyond). Down-to-earth, trauma-aware sessions that give you essential knowledge for birth.


    • feel more calm in your pregnancy
    • simple explanations of what to expect in labour
    • movement and breath connection
    • meet other expectant parents
    • develop and deepen your body awareness
    • find inner-strength for birth and beyond
    • ease pregnancy aches
    • be in community and share your experience with others


  • What's included:

    • weekly classes in-person in Frome, Somerset

    • discounted rates for pregnancy massage
    • access to online meditation for pregnancy sessions

    • a session that's just for birth partners

    • discounted rates 1-2-1 antenatal workshops with Emilie


    Mondays evenings & weekends in Frome


    Partners and Pregnant folks:


    Saturday 9th September • 10am - 1pm

    Saturday 14th October • 10am - 1pm


    Pregnant only sessions - Mondays 18.30 - 20.00

    Starts 4th September - 5 sessions until 2nd October


    Partners only - Monday 16th October 18.30 - 20.00


    Re-group session will be confirmed when we meet.




  • what people say about Emilie's classes:



    "Emilie is down to earth and friendly; she creates an inclusive and warm environment for the classes.

    I recommend these classes for the all-essential 'me' time during pregnancy as they've really helped me to breathe, stretch and properly listen to my body."



    "Emilie helped me feel more in control, less apprehensive and to know what to expect, so I could navigate a calmer way through - knowing how to listen and respond to my body.

    The whole experience was really lovely."

  • Where it's at:

    7.30 - 9 pm
    Whittox Lane, Frome, BA11 3BY
    (or online in the comfort of your home)

  • The good stuff

    How can this approach to movement in pregnancy help you?


    We explore the head to toe of the physical side of pregnancy, and also look at the emotional and social changes that happen during pregnancy.


    Yoga can help you adjust to the changes within the body, literally finding your centre and feeling your way through the changes in your body.


    Keep moving and gently strengthen legs, arms, wrists and core muscles every week to help you stay strong and prepare for birth.


    Relaxing and feeling more comfortable in your body can help with insomnia. As well as relaxing during sessions, exercising the body can help you sleep better at night.


    Emilie teaches specific movement for back pain, achy shoulders and to help balance your pelvis during pregnancy.


    Buidling body awareness can help you birth more easily.


    Breathing well and relaxing can benefit the immune system; helping you combat colds and illness.


    Breath can be a calming anchor in life and labour.


    Yoga improves circulation, helping the blood flow freely through the body and providing more oxygen to both mum and child. This may in turn help lower blood pressure and help you stay healthy.


    Classes promote the flow of oxytocin. It’s the ‘love hormone’ that helps you birth and breastfeed your baby. Getting into this zone regularly can be hugely beneficial to prepare for birth.


    Having space and time to adapt to pregnancy and new motherhood can be vital for peace of mind. In classes there’s time to chat, share experience and meet other mums.


    Simple everyday movements can help you work with your body and your baby to prepare for birth. Improve your chances of 'optimal positioning' using biomechanics for birth.



    • October 30th 2022, 10 - 11 am


    - movement and mindfulness session that focuses on awareness of the pelvic floor -

    (included in your monthly package)
    NOVEMBER - breathing for calm • DECEMBER - using gravity •
  • testimonials

    what people say about Emilie's classes:



    “Thanks for your time and lovely attention.

    I really enjoyed the whole class, especially because it had a bit of everything, it wasn’t only yoga and exercise.
    After the class, I felt very relaxed all evening.”



    “The classes were comprehensive, covering all of the body from head-to-toe. There was good focus on breathing, relaxation and preparing for birth in various positions.

    I enjoyed the relaxation at the end and almost fell asleep! I felt very nurtured by Emilie and would be happy to recommend her to other expectant mums.”



    The next course starts in September and covers 15+ hours of antenatal education, active birth techniques, relaxation for labour, yoga, mindfulness and biomechanics for birth.


    Sessions will cover:

    • Movements to ease common aches in pregnancy
    • Hormones in labour
    • Biomechanics Basics - stay aligned and help baby get into a good position for birth
    • Tools for relaxation in pregnancy and labour
    • How to adapt tools for induction or caesarean birth
    • Ideal for home birth and labouring at home
    • Tips to help you enjoy your pregnancy
    • Time to bond, make friends and share experience
    • 3 sessions that birth partners can join
    • 1 paerners only session that's just for birth partners
    • 1 social meet-up
    • WhatsApp group for your course




    coming soon to Bristol, UK


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    About Emilie

    Classes are guided by Emilie, a Doula, Embodied Toolkit teacher, biomechanics and pelvic wellbeing geek and childbirth educator. Her approach is science-based, down- to-earth and trauma-informed. She’s 'mum' to 2 kids and has been working with birthing families for more than 15 years.

  • pregnancy & birth info

    antenatal education with movement and mindfulness

    15 hours

    course length + socials extra

    flexible pricing

    £250 / £175 - concession • split playment available

    doula led course

    15+ years experience

    partners welcome

    3 hours of partner-friendly learning

    village building

    develop your support network


    biomechanics and other evidaence based practices

    honours your journey

    embodied and trauma informed

  • FAQs

    answers to some common questions about these classes


    The price for this course is slightly less than it was last year.


    Standard rate: £84 for 7 classes

    (if you’re comfortable enough to take holidays without worry)


    Lower Income: £59 for 7 classes

    (if you have to think about spending on extras like eating out)



    If finances are stopping you from joining, please do get in touch directly to talk about options


    THURSDAYS 7.30-9pm in FROME, BA11 3BY

    advance booking essential

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    ‘When we contemplate the miracle of embodied life, we begin to partner with our bodies in a kinder way.”


    ― Sharon Salzberg

  • Alignment for Pregnancy

    🌸 Understand your pelvic floor better

    Moving Towards Birth

    💓 Prepare mind and body for birth

    Alignment for Pregnancy

    💪 Get good movement habits in place during your pregnancy

    Moving Towards Birth

     ✨Focus on relaxation, intuition and self care practices.

    Alignment for Pregnancy

    🧠 Increase embodied awareness

    Moving Towards Birth

    🌀 Connect with your breath

    Alignment for Pregnancy

    💺Tips for comfort during pregnancy

    Moving Towards Birth

    🧠 Understand positions for labour

  • Sign up for classes

    Weekly biomechanics informed pregnancy yoga classes.

    - Understand your changing body and the birth process better

    - Feel more at ease as you move through pregnancy

    - Get discounts on other classes and services with Emilie


    Low Income

    if you're on a low income and in need of a supported place


    6 weeks

    Come to 6 classes

    simple & affordable

    Monthly Membership



    per month

    Rolling membership - minimum commitment 2 months


    (about £1.25 a day)

    6 week Course



    6 weeks

    Come to 6 classes

  • Birth Preparation Workshops in Frome

    The session is structured as a mini birth rehearsal, so you can get a sense of the potential rhythm of a birth. Using partner yoga, active birth techniques and massage to help you and your partner prepare for birth with confidence. You may well have an decent idea of how birth works, but would like to explore options and remind yourself of process in a practical, relaxed session. Perhaps you’d like to explore some movement and massage principles that can help you understand how your birthing body works, and help yourself and your birth partner prepare to meet baby with with calm and confidence.

    *  tools for calm
    *  understanding the body and brain in labour
    * practical biomechanics
    * remind yourself of the stages of labour

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  • background image

    Pregnancy Courses in Frome


    Unique movement-based courses to help you move through pregnancy and towards birth with more ease and confidence.

    Join them to help you stay fit, learn about your birthing body and feel confident about meeting your baby.


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    Which course is for me?


    Alignment for Pregnancy or Moving Towards Birth


    Both of these courses bring together simple yoga-based poses, embodied movement and mindfulness with biomechanics and tip for life to ease the transitions as you move through pregnancy and approach birth. You can join either session whenever you're ready, but essentially ALIGNMENT FOR PREGNANCY is aimed earlier on and MOVING TOWARDS BIRTH is more specifically for birth preparation.


    Both are rooted in developing awareness and choice.
    Although there is information and guidance, you are in control of what you do in classes.



    Core elements of both courses:

    • embodied awareness practices

    • deep relaxation techniques

    • focus on breathing

    • information about your changing body

    • Stay strong for birth and beyond

    • Make friends & share your experience

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    Yay! You're pregnant.


    You've heard that pregnancy yoga is a good thing to do, but maybe you've never stepped foot into a yoga class before, or you don't know how to change your practice to adapt to growing a little person.


    This course will help you become more aware of your movement patterns and get set up for a more comfortable pregnancy. Let's take the best bits of pregnancy yoga, add modern understanding of the body and time to connect with your self, your baby and other pregnant folk.


    • understand how everyday movement can help or hinder you

    • practical tips for work set-up and addding functional movement to real life

    • learn how your pelvic floor actually works

    • deepen your awareness of your amazing changing body

    • relaxation for pregnancy

    • time to meet and connect with other parents-to-be




    Mondays 7.30-8.45pm

    12th September - 17th October 2022

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    You're getting closer to meeting your baby.

    The more you learn about your body and the process of birth, the easier it is to follow your intuition, step into your power, tune into your body and take birth in your stride - no matter what goes down.

    The course will:

    • develop body-awareness

    • learn about pelvic and other core muscles

    • explore active birth positions to work with gravity

    • get ideas about how to work with your body

    • take time to relax deeply

    • meet other expectant parents

    There will be movement for your whole body; heat to toe, wrists, ankles, core and pelvic floor. We’ll also explore some of the key mind-body connections that can help you stay calm and focussed for birth.





    Mondays 7.30pm - 8.45pm

    • June 6th - July 18th 2022


    at RISE Frome, Whittox Lane, BA11 4AS