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  • What do you need for the session?

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    tech stuff for the call...

    • It's always worth checking you have the latest version of zoom on your device.
    • You can join from a PC, tablet or phone, provided you can see / hear well and have a decent internet connection.
    • text or whatsapp 07536049097 if you need help getting on the call - I won't be checking social media channels or email while setting up for you.
    • your link will be sent by email as well as being accessible via eventrbrite platform.
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    space & stuff

    • a private, quiet space (sometimes privacy looks like headphones, that's fine)
    • room to move - movements can be adapted to sitting or standing, depending on how you feel or the space available to you
    • somewhere to relax - this could be seated or lying down. I suggest that you could feel supported wherever you decide to be - it's also ok to move to a different place for this bit of the session.
    • if you have some massage oil / hand cream / body lotion that would be great. No worries if not.
    Other things to consider... yoga mat, cushion, pillow, chair, blanket.
    aaand last, but not least - stay hydrated with whatever you choose to.
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