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    Would you like to find it easier to tune into how you're feeling and make more space for calm in your life?


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    Fortnightly beginner-friendly sessions that can help you :

    • develop awareness of your state

    • find calm

    • be more present in the everyday


    Trauma-sensitive, simple techniques for everyday awareness and connection.



    • coming home to your body • letting be • breath awareness • body scans • being in kindness • moving meditation •


    All sessions are adaptable to the individual. There are options for talking and sharing in every session.

  • What's it about?

    more about embodied meditaion and about Emilie

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    Embodied meditation is a mindfulness practice that focuses on being connected to lived experience in and through awareness in our bodies.


    Techniques are practical and simple with options offered so you can find a version of the practice that works for you. Some may have roots in Buddhism but with a recognition of our modern lives and there is no ‘religious’ teaching involved.


    "When we contemplate the miracle of embodied life, we begin to partner with our bodies in a kinder way.”

    ― Sharon Salzberg

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    Your embodiment is how you show up in the world. It's more than body language or posture. It's the you-ness of you. Exploring this and bringing awareness to your states can sometimes feel like 'coming home' to your self.


    • be more aware of yourself

    • learn simple tools for everyday

    • practicing calm makes it easier to be calm

    • potential for positive impact in your relationships





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    Emilie has been teaching mindful movement for over 14 years, with the past 6 focussing more on embodiment. She is a yoga teacher, Franklin Method Pelvic Fascia Trainer, Embodied Yoga Teacher, and Embodiment Coach.


    She first tried meditation about 30 years ago and was a lifelong dabbler until her practice finally stuck and deepened, becoming an anchor in the chaos of 2020.


    "The sessions were non-judgemental, inclusive and accessible and provided a safe space."



    "When I got home I felt really uplifted but calm.
    I slept really well and this morning felt more 'positive' in general."




    "Emilie's a great teacher full of faith, humour and patience."



    RISE, Frome

    alternate Thursdays 7.30 - 8.45pm

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