• hello mama!



    How are you?


    You are amazing. You grew a whole new person!

    But I get it, you're tired, sometimes touched-out and and maybe it might even feel like your body's not quite your own right now?


    If you're in need of some space to reconnect with your body, you're in the right place.


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    novamama membership

    An online postnatal community for movement and connection.


    Join us for weekly live classes, access to a video library full of simple exercises tailored to mums and monthly community circles.


    A space for you to be you.


    To move, get space for your body and mind.


    Resources for community, connection and practical tools to help you feel more confidently embodied.


  • useful info

    When to join and what to expect...


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    When can I join?

    When do you feel ready?

    Join us any time after you've had your postnatal check up and have the go-ahead from your GP.
    There are sessions included that you can join as soon as you feel ready to.
    Remember to take things at your own pace.
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    What to expect in a live class?

    a place to BE as much as DO

    Tuesdays 8pm

    Thursdays 10.30am


    Book your space at least 2 hours before the start time. Classes are short and sweet, if you can't manage to get to the live they are a perfect size to fit into your day later.
    Tuesday evenings are all about relaxation and winding down.
    Thursdays focus on reviving and reconecting.
    No experience necessary and minimal kit required.


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    in your pocket!

    Monthly circles with a little movement, time to chat and reflect and some meditation.


    Access to a webpage of class recordings and themed videos.


    Viber group - secure mobile chat for reminders, updates and chats.

  • what others say about classes...

    postnatal classes with Emilie, the body doula


    - Frome

      'Just wanted to say that your yoga session was so good last night, just what I needed after a particularly low day. I slept so well and feel so much better today.


    Was nice to get some 'me' time again especially in isolation. '


    - Mum to Isla (4) and Niamh (4 months)

    "It’s a really lovely class, yoga for the mums with lots of stretches, and she tailors the class to what we need.


    I’d happily recommend it to others. "


    - Brighton

    “Thanks for your time and lovely attention.
    I really enjoyed the whole class, especially because it had a bit of everything, it wasn’t only yoga and exercise.


    After the class, I felt very relaxed.”


    - Frome

    'I love the postnatal classes as it gives me a little time each week to reconnect to my body and breathing. Emilie has a really calming presence and is great with both mums and babies.

    Highly recommended '

  • Booking



    Times are odd at the moment.


    I want to find the best ways to support you through these changes as well as the ones in your own life, so for now this is currently less than half price.




    Normally it will be £39 a month for the live classes, circle calls, private forum and online library.


    During lockdown it's £15 a month for the same access.





    Normally £59 a month for everything in the standard membership, plus a monthly 30 minute 1-2-1 call to help you set goals, find ways to approach movement or check in on diastasis recti or pelvic floor stuff.


    Lockdown price is a bargainatious - £39


    Because you're actually worth a lot more than that, but for now... I'd love to have you join us.


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    rolling monthly membership - cancel anytime

    Budget friendly option


    - access to any live classes

    - plus their recordings for 2 weeks after class

    - monthly community calls

    - community message group

    - join up to 8 classes a month.


    value seperately is over £50


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    membership plus more time for you

    This package includes:

    - live access to online postnatal classes
    - monthly community calls

    -access to member only content

    - a private session for you each month
    - community message group
    - discounts on workshops and courses with Emilie.


    value seperately is over £100


  • about Emilie - the body doula

    Photo of Emilie Joy Rowell, postmatal pelvic floor and diastsis recti exercise specialist in Frome, Somerset. Photo - Sarah Gichie

    About Emilie

    Pregnancy and Postnatal specialist since 2008

    Emilie is mum to 2 children and began practicing yoga during her first pregnancy over 14 years ago. As well as being a qualified yoga teacher, Emilie is trained as an antenatal teacher, doula and in pregnancy and postnatal massage. She's completed specific training in Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation which affects up to 60% of women ) and studied movement in and after Pregnancy with internationally renowned movement expert Katy Bowman.


    Combining modern techniques like biomechanics with Embodied Yoga Principles, Emilie's unique and practical classes can help you to step into your role as a new mum with greater physical comfort and confidence. She will guide you through simple exercises, breathing and relaxations to help you find strength in body and mind to prepare you for birth and being a new mum.

  • info and resources

    When should I return to class?

    information on diastasis recti.

    reclaiming your body after birth.

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