• Core Harmony

    Find ease and freedom in your pelvis without doing hundreds of squeezes

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    You are...


    😴 tired of doing boring, repetitive exercises that don't seem to work

    💕 ready to take care of yourself and feel better

    🌱 up for trying a new, holistic approach

    💻 looking for a flexible online class

    🤷 curious about pelvic floor coaching, not ready to commit right now but keen to find out more


    You might be postpartum, perimenopausal or looking at pre-hab for your pelvis.


    If this sounds familiar you're in the right place.





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    A series of accessible online classes for pelvic wellbeing

    These classes have elements of yoga and Franklin Method movements to help you reconnect with your core in a way that's kind and aware.


    Expect to build awareness in your body and experience a mixture of movement and relaxation designed to facilitate better function and health.


    Sessions run approximately every 2 weeks, some sessions are at weekends, others during the week.

  • "I have been surprised by how making the smallest of movements has had a big impact on the way that my body feels. Let go of all the common things you have been told about the pelvic floor and come to one of Emilie's classes and listen and move more consciously and see what happens."

    Chloe, Somerset

  • Dates

    MARCH 31st

    Friday • 18:00

    APRIL 22nd

    Saturday • 10:00

    MAY 3rd

    Wednesday • 13:00

    MAY 22nd

    Monday • 20:00

    JUNE 4th

    Sunday • 10:00

    JUNE 16th

    Friday • 18:00

    JULY 1st

    Saturday • 10:00

    JULY 19th

    Wednesday • 13:00

    AUGUST 7th

    Monday • 20:00

    AUGUST 27th

    Sunday • 10:00

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  • "The sessions were non-judgemental, inclusive and accessible and provided a safe space to confide in other mums at the same stage of their journey."