• Soulful, playful, science-informed movement for a happier, healthier life

    Workshops supporting embodied approaches to healthy, everyday movement throughout life.

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    Workshops with Emilie

    Emilie's a embodied movement facilitator and doula with over 14 years teaching experience.


    If you're looking for a workshop as an individual see my schedule.


    Would you like to hold a workshop at your yoga or pilates studio, workplace or organisation? If you'd like to host me please get in touch.

  • workshops

    birth preparation • pelvic floor • embodied yoga principles • workshops for doulas

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    Themed workshops to help you connect with how you experience stuff that give practical ways of doing things differently to help you get un-stuck.
    A mind-body approach that draws on psychology, yoga, martial arts and dance to get you into your body and into your life.
    Themes include: self care finding balance better boundaries following your bliss embodied pleasure


    Embodiment / Movement / Non althetic
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    Franklin Method is an embodied approach that combines experiential anatomy (felt experience of the body) with dynamic imagery to help people get a more full and functional understanding of their body.


    This workshop focuses on a dynamic approach to pelvic floor wellbeing that is totally different to kegels but just as effective.


    Anatomy / Movement / Embodiment


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    Grounding, centering awareness practices that focus on you as a being.
    Meditation and mindful movement session that focuses on feeling and being in your body rather than taking attention outside. Modern trauma-aware practice that draws on traditional meditation techniques including gratitude and loving kindness.
    Meditation / Mindfulness
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    Understanding relationship between the pelvic floor and diaphragm.


    Get a better understanding of your breathing and your pelvic floor and get some simple tools that can improve everyday function and ease.


    Calming / Restorative
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    The things noone told you about your pelvic floor. Myth-busting experiential physiology session that can help you get back on track with your pelvic wellbeing.

    For people who haven't found joy from repetitive kegels.


    Anatomy / Movement
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    Trauma informed play-shop for pelvis wellbeing.


    Improve your sence of connection and confidence in a group focussing on supportive, playful movement and body awareness.


    Low Impact / Energetic / Embodiment
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    • self care for birthworkers
    • boundaries for birth workers
    • finding your calm
    • standing up for birth

    Sessions can be held online or in-person. Emilie teaches them as part of her contribution to the Continuum Doula Training Course in Frome.

    She'd be happy to travel to your local doula cuddle or arrange a session for you online.

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    A shorter session that can be great as a refresher or in addition to NHS / NCT antenatal classes.

    • the potential flow of a birth
    • movement for different stages of labour
    • massage and relaxation
    • tips for birth partners
    This is a great way of moving through potential active birth scenarios and getting a sense of what feels good to you.
    Anatomy / Movement / Breath
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    A postaprtum mini-retreat
    Space to come home to your body after birth. Gentle trauma-informed movement, massage and self-care practices for new mums.
    Movement designed to ease tired shoulders, support the pelvis and pelvic floor and tend to back pain.
    Babies welcome to join or to drop-in for feeds.


    Postpartum / Movement / Mindfulness