• How's your pelvis?

    Too many people are living with symptoms that make them feel restricted
    - this info is for you if you'd like a different approach to pelvis and pelvic floor health and a happier life.


    Find out more about this whole-body, whole-life approach.

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    Balanced strength & flexibility for your core & pelvis

    A science based, whole-body, whole-life program for a happier pelvis & pelvic floor.


    You might be 3 months postnatal, or it could be years after having your babies, but you're finding that things aren't as they should be.


    This is for you if:
    • you live with persistent niggles in your pelvis or lower back.
    • sneeze wees and stress incontinence stop you moving and feeling as free as you'd like.
    • squeezes don't seem to be working for you.
    • you're tired of the everyday toll pelvic issues take on your life
    • ready to try a different, supportive approach you're in the right place.


  • Find more comfort, confidence and self-awareness

    Modern life has many strains that can negatively impact on core and pelvic floor muscles. You shouldn't have to live with pelvic floor problems. Sadly they are quite common, but they aren't necessarily something that you have to put up with.

    There are things you can do to improve your pelvic floor and core strength that will help you live more freely.

    Emilie's approach can help you ease lower back pain, reconnect with your core muscles, minimise menstrual pain and find a fitter pelvic floor.

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  • Listen to Emilie talk about supporting your pelvic health

  • Get real:

    Designed to fit in with real life...

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    fits around you.

    This is adaptable. If you need flexibility to fit in around work, kids and life.

    This is all simple, guided and do-able at home in less that 20 mins a day.

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    body awareness.

    Knowledge is power.


    Understanding how your body works can help you make habit shift to care for yourself better.

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    move more freely.

    The knock on effects of living with leaks can reach into all areas of your life.
    Let's sort that out and get you moving with more confidence and ease.

  • Work with Emilie

    Get support from Emilie online or in-person in Frome.

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    online sessions

    Book a one-to-one coaching session from the comfort of your home at a time that fits your life.


    If available slots don't fit your schedule or time zone, please message and I'll see what I can do to accomodate.

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    what to expect.

    We'll look at your habits in sitting, walking and generally in life, and add a more nutritious range of movement. 

    It's easier to make these changes with support.

    Emilie's here to cheer you on while you make these changes.

  • "I liked the way the practice was insightfully linked to everyday experience and how Emilie made suggestions for continuation and development at home."

    - Lucy

    "Every need is catered for here and the class encourages and facilitates all ages.
    Emilie is a brilliant instructor and teacher."

    - Carol

    'Emilie is a great teacher, full of faith, humour and patience.'



    "Classes have really helped me to breathe, stretch and properly listen to my body. "


    - Susie

    “The best thing was the reassurance, empowerment and relief gained from all the information on the course."

    Who have you helped?

    Teachers, birth workers, photographers, new mums, mums of teens, weight lifters, singers, dancers. People who sit all day and people who stand a lot.

    Movement patterns can take their toll.

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