• Maternity Leave + 'overdue' packages

    Whether you're advance planning for when mat leave begins, or you've suddebly foubd that you need some extra support now that your 'due date' is almost here (or has passed by), there are options here that can help you:

    • rest • investigate your options • explore movement that can help baby get into a good position • coaching for you / your birth partner to help let go of worries, find your birthy mojo

  • There are always at least 3 ways to do something...

     It may be that you know exactly what you're looking for - in which case please do go ahead and book in. Looking forward to meeting you soon. If you're maybe feeling your way around this page, your answer to the following question might help you:


    What's the most important thing for you right now?

    I'm Emilie, I'm a doula, antenatal and yoga teacher, hypnobirthing practitioner and embodiment coach with over 16 years experience in working with pregnant women and birthing families. I'm happy to work with you in person in Frome, Bath, Bradford-on-Avon or Bristol as well as online (for everything apart from massage!)

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    Exploring your options and choices in a setting that's non-medical and that's purely focussed on you getting balanced information can be massive.


    This can be a great option if...

    • You're "overdue' and being offered stuff you're not sure you want.
    • You'd like to feel more confident in saying YES and NO to things
    • You don't have a doula but would like someone else to research info for you so you're not swimming in the open waters of the internet.


  • Biomechanics / Movement

    Now, technically I wouldn't necessarily separate this from the 'relaxation' bit - bacuse this approach isn't necessarily about manipulating and doing to as much as giving you chances to reset your system a little - which very much includes your nervous system.


    Using simple movement that's pregnancy safe and simple to do without spending hours on the yoga mat it's possible to help your muscles relax and add in some aditional movement and / or massage that can help your baby get into a more optimal position for birth.


    While these are all variations of 'normal' these types of movement can potentilly help ease your birth experience if it's been suggested you might have:

    • a breech baby
    • likely to have a posterior birth

    OR your normal life looks a lot like sitting in different ways, eg: commute, desk work, commute, netflix. No judgmeent here at all, but if your movement diet doesn't feel very varied and you're looking for something pregnancy-friendly and simple for the third trimester, this could be a great option for you.


    My experience: Biomechanics for Birth / Advanced Biomechanics for Birth with Optimal Birth (UK quivalent of Spinning Babies), Franklin Method Pelvic Fascia trainer / Movement Ecology for Pregnnacy and Postpartum with Katy Bowman from Nutritious Movement.


    "At the end of the day we are in such a sedentary culture that, again, those signs of movement malnutrition... the fact that movement is the big piece. I think that so many disciplines can embrace that to go, "Ok. I can consider movement being an issue." And just once again, if I were to make a t-shirt for this episode for everyone listening, this idea that less tension equals more space." - Katy Bowman

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  • A woman in late pregnancy stands in a field of grass, though her hair's covering part of her face we can see she's smiling. Her hands support the bump of her pregnant belly.


    It's all too easy to say 'just relax', but sometimes the practicalities of life (especially when pregnant) make that a bit more difficult that we'd ideally like it to be.


    Sometimes taking time outside the home and with specific intention can be a great way of making space for yourself.



    • massage
    • hypnobirthing sessions
    • gentle movement
    • coaching around letting go.

    Taking time to mark the shift from doing into resting and being, can be a really helpful part of the process of preparing to birth. As you enter maternity leave your daily life and focus shifts to be more and more on home, birth and baby.


    Rachel Reed (midwife and researcher) calls this 'Separation' the very first stage of labour. Recognising and honouring these shifts can be affirming and meaningful when we are looking at childbirth as a rite of passage.


    "The first phase of the childbirth rite of passage involves the mother separating from the outside world and focussing within. Towards the end of pregnancy women begin to focus inwards in preparation for the birth. Physical separation occurs particularly in early labour when the mother secludes herself in her birth space and seeks to minimise distractions (external stimulation). Ritual separation from society during pregnancy and birth is common throughout history, and across cultures."

    - Rachel Reed, Midwife Thinking

  • Options

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    massage for later pregnancy


    Come for a single session or a block of 3 during the last weeks of your pregnancy. Most babies don't come til 41+ weeks, and you can always bank your massage for postpartum if your baby comes sooner.

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    a mini retreat for you


    This complete package includes a pre-booking consultation, massage, movement and hypnobirthing session with Emilie to help you prepare in body and moind for meeting your baby.


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    what might you need to let go of?


    If you're the kind of person who finds it diffifult to switch off, that's lived a life focussed on productivity and outcomes, some sessions on the embodiment of letting go of those processes and outcomes can really help as you approach birth.

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    a mini retreat for you


    This complete package includes a pre-booking consultation, massage, movement and hypnobirthing session with Emilie to help you prepare in body and moind for meeting your baby.