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    How are you?


    Your body is amazing. You grew a whole new person!

    But I get it, you're tired and maybe even it feels like your body's not quite your own right now?


    If you're in need of some time and space to reconnect with your body and make new friends, you're in the right place.


  • For postnatal recovery, community and connection

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    Classes are for new mothers in the first 6 months postnatal, whatever your experience: people who may have had caesarean births, pelvic floor issues, abdominal separation or are breastfeeding are all welcome (provided your GP gives you the go-ahead).

    Core & Pelvic Floor

    These sessions are safe for postpartum recovery, whatever your ecperience.

    Safe for those with pelvic floor issues and after a c-birth.

    Maintain strength

    Movement to gently strengthen legs, arms and core muscles every week can help ease you through get through the early months of parenting.

    Soothe aches & pain

    Common pain areas like tense shoulders and lower back pain can be gently eased to help you get on with caring for your baby more comfortably.

    Time for you

    Having space and time to adapt to new motherhood can be vital for peace of mind. In classes there’s time to chat, share experience and meet other mums.

    Trauma Informed

    Emilie's a trauma informed yoga teacher and doula. Classes are taught with care and awareness. If you need further help, Emilie can refer you to local practitioners and services.

  • Weekly on Tuesday mornings for postpartum parents in Frome

    Postnatal wellbeing for body and soul

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    Postnatal Self Care Club

    This is for you if you've recently had a baby and would like to connect with your self and others in a gentle, kind setting.


    Focus is on adapting to changes in your body and life and offers simple tools for calm, movement practice, a bit of breathing space and time to chat with other new parents.

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    Pelvic floor issues?

    This class is perfectly safe for you, but if you feel you need something more specific there are pelvic floor courses and private coaching options that could benefit you more.


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