• Postnatal sessions in Frome

    If you're postpartum and getting feelings of:

    • tension in your body

    • a need for connection to others

    • craving time to reconnect with yourself

    - this is for you...


    These sessions combine gentle movement to help you restore, nurture and reconnect with yourself after having a baby and mindful wellbeing practices and time with likemided folk. These monthly sessions are suitable for the month and years after childbirth when you are in need of greater nurture and connection. That might be during: • early days when there are many shifts to negotiate • developmental leaps • approaching the return to work or weaning. Babes-in-arms and mamas joining solo are equally welcome.


    What you get from these sessions :• Ideas for acheivable selfcare for new parents • Everyday movement to help release common tension areas • Self acceptance • Exploring the nature of mothering • Simple meditations • Mindful body awareness • Space to share and to listen

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  • self care after birth


    3rd Saturday of the month at RISE in Frome, 10.30am - 12pm

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    Being a new parent is tiring emotionally and physically. While some classes focus on getting back to your former self, these sessions are designed to honour and recognise where you are.


    Join these sessions to learn safe and effective tools movement and meditation, to help you realign, reconnect and have the space you need to restore function, refill your cup and revitalise yourself.


    Partners sometimes meet for a cuppa in the cafe while their partners get a chance take some time for themselves.



    Meet yourself where you're at - sessions are gently guided with options so you can meet yourself wherever you're at. Setting yourself up postpartum with a good foundation can help you find your feet sooner.


    • Reconnecting with deep core muscles • Pelvic wellbeing • Achy shoulders • Back pain • Gentle strengthening movement




    The deep but subtle shifts that take place after birth can bring up issues around • Worries • Adjusting to new roles • Shifts in relationships • The invisible load • coping with sleeplessness



    As well as having time to move and reconnect, being with other people and sharing experiences is a vital part of being a human. Especially as a new parent when you're adapting to a whole world of change. Knowling that other folk are too - and learning how different people adapt can be really affirming.


    Unfortunately, some people experience tricky births. Having time and space to acknowledge this and to nurture yourself can be really helpful part of postpartum recovery. Sometimes it can feel like you need to push yourself to go back to 'normal', to return to a certain level of productivity, pace or shape.


    That's not what these sessions are about. Take time to nurture and reconnect.



    Regular offerings from other practitioners to help with issues around issues like sleep, feeding,





  • Back and shoulders

    are achy from feeding and carrying your baby

    ᶻ 𝗓 𐰁Tired

    from broken sleep

    ♡︎ Core

    feels different or disconnected

    ⸙ Self care

    has dropped down the list


    is full but fuzzy

     Pelvic floor

    might be sore, have pee issues or feel different

  • What are classes like?

    feedback from mums who've attended Emilie's postnatal classes in the past...

    "I love the Baby & Me yoga classes as it gives me a little time each week to reconnect to my body and breathing.


    Emilie has a really calming presence and is great with both mums and babies. Highly recommended "


    - Thais

    "I just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterdays session, it was magical and just what me and baby needed.


    Thank you so much!"


    - Suzie

    "It’s a really lovely class, yoga for the mums with lots of stretches, and she tailors the class to what we need, and the babies are with us and being entertained and engaged.


    Niamh loves it, she laughs and giggles her way through the class, I see it as our one on one time, I’d happily recommend it to others. "

    - Jenny

    “Thanks for your time and lovely attention. I really enjoyed the whole class, especially because it had a bit of everything, it wasn’t only yoga and exercise.


    After the class, I felt very relaxed.”

    - Elena

  • booking options


    EARLY BOOKING sessions are £10 if booked at least a week in advance.


  • FAQs

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    About Emilie



    I've had the honour of working with birthing and postnatal families for over 15 years. As well as being a doula and yoga teacher, I've done lots of training over those years to help people meet the everyday challenges of parenting. I'm an embodied trauma coach, pelvic fascia trainer, dance facilitator and NCT trained breastfeeding peer supporter. Mostly, I love to focus on simple, practical ways that you can find more ease in your body and your life.

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    3rd Saturday of the month - 10.30am



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